Dynamix Care

Chiropractic care in Stuart Florida that empowers the patient!

Dynamix Chiropractic will provide the highest level of dynamic chiropractic care to our patients with an emphasis on transparent and effective health care.

A safe and supportive environment for your path to recovery

Personalized treatment plans tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Dr. Mike and his team will provide a comfortable space for patients to express their needs and concerns. This helps our team provide optimal care for our patients that is specific to them. Take control of your health and give yourself the ability to move freely. 



Keep enjoying life the way you deserve!

The difference matters

Personalized care

Based on your specific needs and goals.

Patient Education

Understanding your body and what you need.

Confidence to live a more active life

We give you the tools to be your best.

Meet Our Team

A family run business thats sole intention is to care for our community

We are a dedicated clinic with a passion for empowering individuals to take control of their health. With a holistic approach and expertise in natural therapies, Dr. Mike aims to guide his patients towards optimal well-being by addressing the root causes of their health concerns and providing personalized treatment plans.


We take you from living with pain to living your best life.

This is our simple process.
Book An Evaluation

Book An Evaluation

Schedule an evaluation with someone from our team so we can get to know you.
Get Custom Treatment

Get Custom Treatment

Work with us as we develop a custom treatment plan tailored to you and your goals.
Start Seeing Improvement

Start Seeing Improvement

Gain confidence in your every day life.


This is your sub-headline

1. Where are you located? We are loacated in the Mayfair Plaza right on US1 about 3/4 miles south of the Roosevelt Bridge in Stuart! 


2. Do you take insurance? Yes we do!! We are excited to announce we are in netowrk with Medicare, FL Blue, and United Health Care at the moment! Everyones insurance is different so please contact our office for any further questions. 


3. How do you say Dr. Mikes last name? Dr. Mikes last name is a tricky one! It is pronounced San-an-dajian! Sound it out and give it a try! 


4. Do I have to have x-rays to be seen? No! Every patient's needs are different. You and Dr. Mike will sit down and create a plan of which he believes is the safest and most effective for your specific situation. If there is a need for further imaging Dynamix Chiropractic is happy to have partnered with some local radiology centered who provide outstanding same day services. 


5. Once I start seeing a chiropractor do I HAVE to go forever? Absolutely not! Although we love seeing and building relationships with our patients it is based on your need for care. Our goal at Dynamix is to provide the highest level of care for the fastest relief and quickest stabilization possible. Once you have comepleted your short term goals with us we recommend an as needed wellness plan! This plan helps patients with spinal "tune ups" when you need it most.